Interview with Danny

Hi Danny, could you briefly tell us something about your SUP experience?

Hi, I’ve always have been in sports since I was a kid.

I started windsurfing at the age of 14, then I moved to kitesurf in 2000.

A few years later, I approached the first waves with a surfboard and then with an SUP.

After those experiences, I participated in a SUP race as an amateur. That was the beginning of a passion. I got some advice about equipment and training from a former athlete and a friend of mine.

The cornerstone was when another athlete introduced me to Gianluca.

As soon as I started working with him on my paddling technique as well as the physical training, my results changed deeply. I started to enjoy racing instead of just suffer, and my level went up quickly.

Have you got any particular issue once you started competing?

In the beginning, without any specific training, my heartbeat was really high, making each race so hard and each result so poor.

Have you had injuries and/or physical problems? How?

I collected al lot of injuries during my life!

I went through knee surgery several times (ACL, meniscus and so on), I got an issue with my biceps, and I got 2 herniae.

I also suffer from stiff muscles, which brings me to several muscular tears and strains.

The frequency of this issue was increasing, making hard to even train me.

Usually, how did you train before getting to know Gianluca?

Really easy!

I used to paddle on the distance I should cover during the races, sprinting sometimes and trying a few starts. That’s it.

What has changed since you started training with Gianluca?

Since the very first time we met, with the training program Gianluca gave to me, my muscular issues disappeared…

It was weird: I saw a few consultants before Gianluca, but that problem didn’t change till then.

He taught me how to train, how to stretch and what I should eat and drink in the right way.

Moreover, working with Gianluca on my paddling technique, my heartbeat finally started to be in the right zone, letting me train and compete at my best. My speed increased, and my recurrent injuries stopped.

I still have a lot to learn, but having the right idea in mind, I can try to reach the best technique each and every time I go in the water.

What happened to your results?

Well, let’s say that now I battle with athletes who were used to give me 2 or 3 minutes back then. Sometimes I win, sometimes they do.

Now it’s fun!
I also run my races having fun without struggling till the end like I was used to.
In your opinion, why Gianluca’s training system works?

First of all, I wanna say that Gianluca is really humble, very focused on you as an athlete and a person. That is great, and it makes you feel ready to rock, even if you are a 46 years old dude like me.

He is really professional, always available for any doubt, and passioned in what he is doing.
Another great point is his capacity to modify and adapt his work to any situation and the result you get. He always works to let you express your best.

His training system is based on a specific physical and technical training built around you. It involved physical training sessions at the gym as well as training sessions on the water.

Would you recommend Gianluca’s training system?

I recommend it to any level of paddler: beginner or pro, anyone can get his best with this system.
To follow a training system like this one is really important, especially in SUP, which is a very technical sport, requiring also a high level of physical fitness.

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