Interview with the athletes: Filippo

Hi Filippo, could you briefly tell us your story about paddleboarding?


Well, my passion for paddleboarding started as far back as 2012 when I started working as an instructor.

A year after I actually began competing in speed races.

I realized that paddleboarding has been my passion.

Hence I’ve been dedicating more and more time of my life to this magnificent sport.

I started competing with lent boards and aluminum paddles, but, despite the gear, I managed to win the title of Italian amateur champion.

Back then, I realized I needed to prepare myself to a higher level for the following years, and I decided to contact my current trainer Gianluca Caimmi.

With him, I embarked on a great path that I’m still following to be more and more prepared.

Thanks to a proper preparation over the years I have always improved my results, and it is 3 years now that I’m keeping myself within the top 10 Italian to the National Championship.

What kind of issues you had to struggle with once you started joining races?

Being my first time, I had so many challenges as a result of my inexperience in the race alas I made so many mistakes.

Then in the first year, I was really without a guideline on how to train, infact, many times I rest so much on my body and this made every race very tiring.

 Have you had injuries and/or physical problems? How?

Fortunately, I have never had any severe injury that will take longer time to heal, but only slight injury during the winter training, as well as to suffer from some too strong muscle tightening due to the cold which leads to joint pain.

Although it was not a pain that was that serious, though, but I have been faced with the right precautions to recover and get back into shape as soon as possible; thanks to the advice of Gianluca.

Usually, how did you train before getting to know Gianluca?

I did not have any kind of training model, I did not do “dry workouts” but all I did was to practice on water.

In a nutshell, my workouts were going out as much as possible with the board and paddling until I was tired.

What has changed since you started training with Gianluca?

I discovered that for anything in life, there is a logical sense, especially for training.

Now every single thing I do has a very specific purpose in all the program.

I alternate “dry workouts” with those in the water, and I really feel I’m ready in every aspect.

Thanks to Gianluca my training has become specific and targeted to my goals both on the short and long-term.

What were your best results before working with Gianluca and which ones after?

Considering that I work with Gianluca almost from the beginning, I can only remember to have won the amateur championship alone.

Thanks to him I have achieved many satisfactions in Italy and Europe, as a 6th place at the absolute championship at Garda in 2018 or the 7th place at a European stage in Belgium.

I only chose to mention two, but these does not mean I have forgoten other national and international competitions to be proud of.

Since you are not a full-time athlete, how do you manage workouts and work?

I work in a gym near a house, so I have full access to it as well as to a swimming pool at any time.

Moreover, living on the coast, I can reach the beach within 2 minutes drive for my sea sessions.

I’m lucky to be able to manage work and sport just a few steps from home to have time for both.

Living in an area of ​​Italy where winter temperatures are not so pleasant, how do you manage your training at that time?

I concentrate more on “dry training” when the temperatures are lowered, while continuing to train in water to avoid losing the technique.

It is imperative to organize yourself with technical clothing suitable both for the freedom of movement and to keep you warm when the temperatures drop a lot.

Generally, in winter, I never go out in the open sea, but I always stay near the coast for safety.

I usually start technical training when temperatures rises.

Tell us a little about your experience at Eurosup and the races of the Italian circuit.

For the past 2 years, I have participated in some stages of the European circuit.

I think these races are crucial because I confront strong and experienced athletes from all over the world in places never seen before where everything can happen.

Participating in some stage of the European Tour is unfortunately very expensive, but they are essential for the sports baggage of a paddleboarding athlete.

This is the reason that pushes me to participate each year in as many international races as possible.

At the Italian level, I have been involved in many competitions for many years, competing with my Italian colleagues.

Since my goal is to reach the first place in Italy, I think it is necessary to know each of your opponents in their territory.

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